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20.06.2018 19:40

štěňátka roku 2018 našla své skvělé rodiny. Další plánujeme až na rok 2019

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LITTERS - Schnauzer, pepper and salt

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We're trying to breed physically and mentally healthy puppies and doing everything we can in order them to be well-prepared for the coexistence with a man. We also wish they'd be nice. It includes a lot of work, time, expenses and space - it should be considered by everybody who wants to breed any big race.

After several years, we've been breeding our dogs in an experienced way. Choosing an appropriate partner for our bitch is a priority and we do the best to choose the right one as an award for our care and longterm work. The puppy-birth is taken place peacefully in a flat under a professional supervision. Then the puppies are accommodated at home for 3 to 5 weeks. If the weather is good, the puppies go for a walk in a safe run with possibilities of playing games, taking rest, bathing etc., but they are kept inside during nights until 6th week of their life. Then they're allowed to sleep outside on condition of reasonable weather. At this age - called "indenting" we take the puppies one by one back to the flat to let them meet the ordinary equipment of a flat - stairs, electronics, bed sleeping, jumping over furniture etc. While the sun's shining puppies "work" in the garden under their mum's and other dogs' supervision. Everything has an order. All the puppies are freed to the world equipped with the basic skills and have no problems with adaptation in the new family.

We obviously guarantee proper vaccination, worming and quality food. Each puppy has its own EU passport, contract of sale, "directions of use".

We take care so that our breeds would be acquisition for the future breeds. Breeding is hard and responsible work needing patience, honesty, longterm interest, practical and theoretical skills and experience, time and obviously love.

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