Welcome to the website of our breeding station DARMA, established on 29th October 1993

I've met a plenty of dogs in my life - foxies Bela, Dasa, Dag, small schnauzers Bonna, Dan, Aziza, Amalka... All were so beautiful and kind dogs and I've been taught many things.

This website is dedicated to the beautiful charming race - Rhodesian ridgebacks - who have been living at our home since 1995. Finally everything mixed together so all our lives are influenced by doggies. Since 1997 I've also run the dog saloon which you can get to know more about here.

I really thank to Ivo, Marcela and Hafo for they photos here, the other ones (less quality) are mine.

• club exhibition Žebětín 2003 - 3rd place
• NVP Brno 2007 - 3rd place
• KV Vyškov 2010 - 2nd place
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